Derrick Rose is Chicago Bulls Voice of Reason

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

There’s many things one can say about Derrick Rose. From being one of the game’s best and hardest working players to playing with reckless abandon, Rose is a breath of fresh air in a league full of prima donas. When he injured his knee last April, Chicago Bulls fans saw their championship chances go down the drain.

As Rose has been known to do, he’s been working night and day to get back on the floor and play. But in an interview with USA Today, Rose said he’s only going to return when he’s “110 percent”. He followed that up by saying he’s feeling like he’s in the “high 80s” and is, “Far away. Far away” from returning to action. This would potentially mean he’s done for the 2012-13 season.

Good for Rose. When it comes to the Bulls, they’ll tease their fans with false hopes and empty promises. Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf plays the media in Chicago like a fine violin. He gets favorable and sometimes deceiving coverage for both the Bulls and his other team, the Chicago White Sox.

After Rose came out with this bombshell, the Bulls went into spin control. It’s being reported that Rose’s comments weren’t fully accurate. Come on Jerry, your puppets in the media have been dangling a carrot on a stick to fans suggesting Rose is getting closer to his return. Those of us that know you know darn well you’re full of it as usual. How’s LeBron James working out for your team?

I may not be the biggest Bulls fan, but I recognize that Rose is one of the game’s brightest stars. His body broke down and his knee was the final straw in a collection of injuries. It would serve Rose and the Bulls to let Rose’s body recover. Putting even the smallest amount of pressure on a highly competitive guy isn’t what the doctor ordered. The Bulls will be well on their way to not winning a title next season.

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