Golden State Warriors' Klay Thompson Needs To Play Better In Critical Moments

By John Raffel
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Klay Thompson is a fine ballplayer for the Golden State Warriors.

He just needs to learn how to play in the clutch better.

Thompson had 22 points for Golden State Tuesday night, but came up empty in the fourth quarter, going 0-of-3 from the floor and committing a turnover.

The Warriors lost 116-107 to the Houston Rockets.

It’s not that Thompson has not come through before for the Warriors. He has. But Golden State needed a win like this and instead lost for the fifth straight time.

Golden State is still 30-22 but hasn’t been playing well lately.

Don’t blame Thompson, however. Sure, he was off slightly against the Rockets shooting 9-of-22.

But in his second NBA season, Thompson has been impressive with a 16.4 scoring and 3.9 rebounding average. He’s also averaging 2.3 assists a game.

But he has matured nicely as an NBA sophomore and his scoring average is four points higher. He’s putting up more shots, which is good, but not making as many, which isn’t good. His field goal shooting percentage is down more than 2 percent and his 3-point range is down 2.5 points.

But he’s showing more confidence in his offensive skills and his assists and steal totals are up slightly.

His minutes per game is up by 10 this season.

When Golden State comes back from the All-Star break, Thompson and others need to refocus and remember what put them in a good position in the standings to begin with.They need to go back to that, sooner or later if they want to be a factor the second half of the season.

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