Is Keith Smart the Right Man In Sacramento?

By Riley Schmitt

It has been another strange year for the Sacramento Kings. There has been a ton of talk about relocation, but let’s just focus on the play on the court. It seems that the team has regressed a bit and that should fall on one man. That man is head coach Keith Smart. The way things are going, he should not return to the team next season.

I think that Smart can be a fine coach but something with him and this roster is not working.  His rotations end up looking strange and that means Jimmer Fredette gets lost in the shuffle.  You know, the player the team used a top 10 pick on last year.  You would think he should play, especially when you see his numbers when he actually gets time.

Then there is the issue of DeMarcus Cousins.  There may be no person on the planet who can reach the talented big man, but it seems that Smart has had some issues with him.  There was the time that Smart left him in the locker room after half and it resulted in a suspension.  It may have been the right way to deal with the situation, but Cousins should be the cornerstone of the team.  A potential feud with a coach is not a good look for anyone.

Sometimes changing the coach can be an overreaction.  With this team and this coach, I think it might be best for both parties.  We will see what happens when this season finally ends but I expect the team to let Smart go.

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