LeBron James' Current Streak of Games Doesn't Hold a Candle to Michael Jordan's

By Jeric Griffin
lebron james
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This “historic” stretch of games that LeBron James is playing is being blown way out of proportion. In addition, the comparisons James is drawing to Michael Jordan because of it are also extremely premature. In his last five games, James has averaged more than 30 points and roughly six assists and six rebounds per game, which some are calling the greatest such stretch by any player in history. Well I’ve got news for you: Jordan literally doubled that production during a stretch in 1989 and that was before two sets of three-peats.

At the end of March in 1989, Jordan began a stretch of 11 games, 10 of which he recorded a triple double. During that stretch, Jordan averaged over 30 points, 12 assists and 12 rebounds per game. That’s the same amount of points plus twice as much production in twice as many consecutive games. So all this nonsense about “never seen nothing like this before” (looking at you, Carmelo Anthony) needs to stop and I mean fast.

The problem today is so many basketball fans don’t remember the night-to-night greatness of Jordan. That historic stretch of games mentioned above was almost 25 years ago, so it’s natural for today’s young, trigger-happy generation to not appreciate a legend. However, Jordan isn’t a legend; he’s the legend and the fact James’ current streak is being talked about so much when Jordan literally doubled it 25 years ago is absurd. Folks, LeBron will never be Jordan, even if he wins six rings. Whether you count it by titles, numbers or pure wow factor, Jordan has James beat in every aspect, so let’s stop with all the crazy talk.

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