Why does ESPN Continue to Compare Lebron James to Michael Jordan?

By Andrew Fisher
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As I made my rounds through the world of internet sports the other day, I came across a feature on ESPN that caught my eye: Lebron James or Michael Jordan – Who ya Got?

I got ESPN being ridiculous, yet again.

While I wasn’t surprised by their latest “debate,” it did start to grind my gears a little bit. Why is this even a conversation? Are they practicing for six years down the road when it should actually take place? Can they not think of a more relevant, or actual debate to feature?

Obviously, Lebron has been crushing it lately. In fact, he just set an NBA record with six games straight of 30 or more points while shooting at least 60 percent from the field. Very impressive. But there’s a simple explanation for his stellar play –  HE’S IN HIS PRIME!

Of course he’s playing lights out. Why wouldn’t he be right now? He’s at his physical and mental peak as a basketball player, coming off his first title. Confidence and skills and meshing perfectly right now for James, and he’s without question the best basketball player in the world.

I’ll admit, I used to be a Lebron-hater, but those days are over. James proved that he could get it done on the grandest stage last season, and therefore I decided to stop the hate and respect the man. James has had an incredibly difficult journey to the top, and it’s one that fans must tip their cap to whether they like No. 6 or not.

But better than Jordan? Come on now.

A year ago I would have never even entertained the thought, but the way James is playing this season, I, like many, have at least opened up to the notion. However, all I’m really doing is giving Lebron a chance to prove that he’s better than Jordan. He’s good enough now to at least acknowledge that it’s possible. But for ESPN to seriously make it into a debate in 2013 is just sad.

I’m not going to play the six-championship card here or anything like that, but Lebron has a long way to go to even get close to Jordan. Facts are facts: Jordan never lost a NBA Finals, and he sure as hell didn’t go out and sign on a team with two other elite players either.

Why ESPN chooses to ignore all of this and still create a debate is probably just to get people like me talking.

So, mission accomplished there, but I guess I just expect a little more for the supposed worldwide leader in sports.


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