Will Milwaukee Bucks Trade Brandon Jennings to the Dallas Mavericks?

By Michael Terrill
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks are reportedly interested in trading for point guard Brandon Jennings, but will the Milwaukee Bucks make him available before the Feb. 21 NBA deadline?

Sources have claimed that there is a certain “level of interest” in Jennings among Dallas executives. The organization realizes they need a solid point guard in order to get back into the top eight in the Western Conference and Darren Collison is simply not getting the job done even though he is having a fairly productive year.

If the Mavericks are looking for a scoring point guard then Jennings is their man as he averages 18.5 points per game, but those points can be costly due to the fact that the 23-year-old takes a lot of shots and has only hit 39.3 percent of them over his career. This is not an ideal statistic for any point guard let alone one that is supposed to get Dallas back into the swing of things. However, owner Mark Cuban has been known to take chances and Jennings is certainly a player that could pay off big for the team.

“I’ll analogize it to Steve Nash,” Cuban said, referring to the type of player he would like to go after before the deadline. “Whatever we saw in Nash and (Michael) Finley with Donnie (Nelson) back then, same type of thing. There’s been lots of players we picked up over time that weren’t All-Stars that turned into cornerstones. We’d take those.

“They don’t have to be proven. They’d have to be someone we think it’s just a question of time or system or coaching or whatever.”

Since Jennings is still very young and has plenty of basketball left to be played in front of him it is no wonder why Cuban has his eyes on the California native. If the Mavericks believe they can get past his excessive shooting followed by low percentages, his rather small physical build and his lack of defensive skills then Jennings might be worth the risk.

However, there are still two more problems Dallas would face if they wanted to make the deal work. For starters, the team would have to give something of decent value in return and secondly there is a good chance power forward Drew Gooden, who is still owed half of his $6.6 million this season and another $6.6 million next year, will have to be a part of the trade.

Milwaukee understands that because Jennings recently hired a new agent and there is no way he is going to stay with the Bucks next season or any time after that. He clearly wants out of the city, which means it is only smart for the organization to trade him now while they can still get something for him in return. However, owner Herb Kohl is not going to give him up lightly and there is a good chance the Mavericks do not have what it will take to pry Jennings away from the Bucks.

The player Milwaukee would probably ask for is shooting guard O.J. Mayo because then they can move Monta Ellis over to point guard for the remainder of the season if they do not trade him as well due to his expiring contract. However, Dallas is very unlikely to part ways with Mayo who they see as a player they would like to re-sign after this season, even though there is a slim chance that will happen. The move that the Mavericks would try and pull is Collison plus a big guy but even that will probably not get the job done for the Bucks.

Even though Dallas has its sights set on possibly acquiring Jennings, the fact of the matter is it has nothing of value in return that would make sense for both teams. Obviously, this is something we will have to keep our eyes on but I am not really sure a deal could actually get done. However, that does not mean Milwaukee is still not trying to find possible suitors for Jennings.

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