NBA Rumors: Kevin Garnett Delcares “Final” All-Star Game, Is Retirement Near?


Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports


After possibly the ugliest win in NBA history, Boston Celtics future hall of fame power forward Kevin Garnett gave a cryptic sort of non-defined hint at retirement after the season ends. When asked about the All-Star game, Garnett dropped a bit of information that this will indeed be his last All-Star appearance. When asked if Garnett would feel any emotions after walking off the court of his last All-Star game he replied with a flat and non-descriptive “no.”

The dynamic of the Celtics 2012-2013 season have quickly gone awry, and one has to feel some remorse for the veteran players on the squad like Garnett and Paul Pierce. Last night the Celtics’ played with just ten guys dressed and the minute total for the veterans is still sky high, much to the dismay of the teams original plan this year in taking the pressure off the veterans with young legs that could run the floor and offensively support themselves.

It’s hard to picture Garnett retiring at a point when he’s still entirely relevant. There’s been some speculation around the rumors of him going to a contender for one last shot at a ring, but it’s becoming more evident that his desire to retire a Celtic outweighs the desire to go after another ring at this stage in his career.

Garnett will now be the only player representing the Celtics at the All-Star game and he’s surely given off the impression that he could care less about being there and socializing with the other All-Star selected players. Garnett has never been a guy who liked to talk to much, unless it’s on defense.

It’s still questionable what Garnett’s exact future plans would entail following basketball, he’s certainly comfortable financially and while some could see him be successful in coaching at the NBA level, most believe he will turn to his reclusive ways and spend time with those in his very small circle.

In terms of the immediate future of the Celtics organization, Garnett’s decision regarding retirement will be an important one to watch as he brings quite a bit of cash off the books. He won’t talk about it too much, or at all, but my best guess is Garnett’s retirement will come sooner rather than later.

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