Dallas Mavericks Need to Steer Clear of Eric Gordon

By Devin O'Barr
Eric Gordon blows by the Dallas Mavericks
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Days after the club was rumored to be interested in Brandon Jennings the Dallas Mavericks are talking about trading for another disgruntled shooting guard. Eric Gordon is a good NBA player, don’t get me wrong but, his ability has waned in the past few seasons and he isn’t worth the necessary investment.

Dirk Nowitzski is the face of the Mavericks franchise and has been for over a decade, but at 34-years-old it’s time to start looking for a possible replacement as the organizations frontman. I assure you it would be a mistake to trade for or sign Gordon to a big deal, thinking he can be the heir-apparent to Dirk in terms of production.

In my mind, Gordon just gets hurt far too often to be the leader of a team like the Mavericks who have grown accustomed to winning.

Gordon has played in 27 of a possible 109 games in the last two seasons which has to be a cause for concern in the Mavericks mind. Anyone with the New Orleans Hornets would tell you how much of a headache he has been, given the offer sheet that he signed with the Phoenix Suns this Summer–Gordon begrudgingly returned to the Hornets.

Not to mention the money that Gordon will be asking for as opposed to the cheap option of bringing back O.J Mayo, who has been great for the club in 2012. In fact, Mayo is averaging 17.9 points per game with the Mavs, and more importantly hasn’t missed a game in each of the last two seasons. Mayo is just one year older than Gordon and would be my choice if I was in Mark Cuban‘s shoes.

Shooting guards are a dime a dozen in the NBA and going out and giving Gordon money similar to what the Brooklyn Nets just gave Joe Johnson would set them back for years.

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