Is DeMarcus Cousins Finally Figuring It Out?

By Riley Schmitt
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

When you hear the name DeMarcus Cousins, you tend to think of him as the guy who will never reach his potential. His reputation as an immature head case tends to proceed him. Although there are some real reasons for this, a lot of it is people treating Cousins differently. Apparently, Cousins is starting to learn a bit and the Sacramento Kings certainly need him to.

Over his last few games, Cousins is showing why people think he is one of the most talented players in the league.  Any guy who can average a double-double is going to be in high demand.  However, the attitude issue with Cousins always seems to hold him back.  That is why he has been on the trade block this season.  However, his recent play has to be a great sign for the team.

Cousins may be below his averages during his last five games, but he is not forcing things.  Best of all, he hasn’t been ejected in a bit.  With a guy like Cousins, you always have to worry about that.  Ejections and suspensions seem to be attached to his name, but the guy just needs people to treat him like an adult.  If that happened, I bet he would calm down.

When he did “The Wave” with the fans a few days ago, that struck me as something important.  The surly big man is the last guy that you would guess to do something like that.  Maybe it is a sign that that he’s starting to understand what it takes to be a successful player.

The Kings certainly hope so.

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