Joe Johnson is the Most Overrated Player in the NBA

By Devin O'Barr

Joe Johnson is the sixth highest paid player in all of the NBA and has never led the league in anything aside from minutes played in his 11 seasons at the NBA level. Why the Brooklyn Nets gave him a max contract this Summer will always baffle me as Johnson is one of the most overrated players to ever put on a uniform.

Now, Johnson is known to explode on nights as he erupted for 26 points and nine assists on 10 of 19 shooting versus the Denver Nuggets Thursday Night. Fans can go crazy all they want over what was Johnson’s best performance in a month but, his production has only declined in the last three seasons

The 6-foot-8 shooting guard has not averaged more than 20 points per game since 2009-10 as barely reached the mark at 21.3. Not to mention his field goal percentage has taken a drastic 20% drop since signing his big deal with Brooklyn this Summer–Johnson is currently shooting 42% which is his lowest percentage in over a decade and second worst of his career.

It’s not like the 31-year-old is an all-around gem either, he averages a subpar three rebounds a night along with a measly 3.5 assists.

Johnson had all of the talent around him with the Atlanta Hawks as Josh Smith, Jamal Crawford and Al Horford had the skills to do something great but, fell short of even reaching a conference finals. If he’s getting paid to be one of the top six players he should be able to win with the right talent around him which he has proved time and time again.

Stop proclaiming Johnson as a “leader” or being “clutch” or even as the Nets best player as he is a shooting guard who gets paid to be average and has no pedigree to deserve such accolades.

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