LeBron James: It's Time to Respect His Greatness

LeBron James Big Game
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Fans around the country really enjoy hating LeBron James. I do not understand why people hate the Miami Heat superstar with such passion. I’m not even a NBA fan, and I respect the heck out of this guy.

Maybe it starts with his decision to bolt the Cleveland Cavaliers for South Beach. Frankly, it is his constitutional right to play where he chooses. While the whole charade around The Decision (his announcement on ESPN) turned fans off, as the saying goes – deal with it! The guy’s decision was a big deal and if he had announced the decision was to your favorite team, you would have loved the show.

James set a NBA record scoring 30 points and shooting over 60 percent for six straight contests surpassing the previous record of five set by several other players. Right away, the talk centered around if James is in the same category as Michael Jordan. Is that really relevant? Who cares? James and Jordan aren’t the same player. There’s room to call both great, and the final story of James’ career hasn’t been written quite yet. Until that day comes, Jordan’s the better player. But it doesn’t mean that James isn’t reaching legendary status.

James got the final basketball monkey off his back by winning a NBA Championship last season and dominating his way through the playoffs and finals. If you’re a fan of basketball, James put on a clinic.

This season, he’s followed it up by continuing his dominant ways. James is clearly the best player currently in the NBA and quite frankly, it’s not even close. There’s not a better all-around player that even enters the conversation. Instead of hating on James, why not appreciate his talents and greatness? And let’s table the comparisons until the dust settles on his career.

I’m a Chicago Bears fan. And without hesitation, I think Green Bay Packers signal-caller Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in football. Do I like him? No, I hate him with a passion. But I can separate personal feelings towards his team and Rodgers’ phony behavior from his football ability. It is time for NBA fans to do the same thing.

James’ may not be your favorite person, but that needs to be separated from his basketball abilities.

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