Milwaukee Bucks Fans Have Spoken And Want Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis Traded

By Michael Terrill
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Milwaukee Bucks are currently the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference there is zero confidence among the fan base that the team will be able to stay afloat this season. In fact, fans of the Bucks have spoken and the consensus is that Brandon Jennings as well as Monta Ellis must be traded.

The Homer and Thunder radio show on 540 ESPN in Milwaukee had an open sound off Thursday in which fans could call in and tell Bucks owner Herb Kohl exactly how they feel about the team and the direction it is heading. What is the purpose of this besides disgruntled fans ranting about what they wish their team could be? Homer and Thunder got the bright idea to record every single caller’s message. From there they are going to compile the numerous calls, place it on a CD and send it to Kohl themselves so he can hear exactly what the people of Milwaukee think about his team.

The calls never stopped as multiple fans begged the owner to get rid of Jennings and Ellis in order to start from scratch. Some people were good with keeping one guard or the other but the majority of the fan base wants the organization to hit the reset button.

Fans agreed that the Bucks do have a couple of solid players that are loaded with potential that should be kept once the overhaul commences. Center Larry Sanders and forward John Henson were two players that came to mind for many. However, everyone else is expendable including fan favorite Ersan Ilyasova.

Jennings told the media recently that he is not unhappy with the team and the last thing he is worrying about is being traded.

“Whatever happens, happens,” Jennings said. “But I’m not even thinking about it.”

Sorry Jennings but you need to start caring. The biggest problem the fans have with the 23-year-old is that he shoots the basketball like he gets paid by the shot. It is one thing if he made at least 45 percent of his attempts, at least then it would be understandable why he is taking so many. However, to have a career shooting percentage of .393 after three and a half years in the league is unacceptable for someone whose job is to score on a nightly basis.

According to a reliable source, the Bucks offered Jennings a $10 million per year deal but apparently, that is not good enough, as he wants a maximum contract. This is something Milwaukee simply cannot afford to do for a player that is not at the caliber of a superstar. Some fans would say give him the money because at least he is the face of the franchise and can put people in the stands. Unfortunately, there are no fans in the stands as the Bucks have one of the lowest attendance records in the NBA. Therefore, if he is not converting on the floor or filling the arena then what purpose does he serve?

On the other hand, Ellis is someone many fans would like Milwaukee to keep but the team will most likely struggle to do that. The 27-year-old has seen his numbers dip since coming to Milwaukee because the Bucks do not utilize him like the Golden State Warriors did in the past. At this point, the only way to keep Ellis is to overpay for him and the only way the team should do that is if they make him a point guard with a solid plan to acquire a shooting guard already in place.

With the fan base as angry as they are, Milwaukee has no choice but to start the rebuilding process all over again and this time without Kohl putting in his two cents. The problem with that is even if Kohl were to sell the team, something a majority of fans wants desperately, whoever buys the Bucks will move them out of Milwaukee due to a worn down fan base. Unfortunately, with Kohl as the owner Milwaukee will never drop far enough in the conference to get a decent lottery pick, unless someone takes control.

It is in the hands of general manager John Hammond to right the ship and in order to do that he must take a sledgehammer to the foundation and watch it all tumble down. When most callers claim they are perfectly fine with a losing team for the next couple of years if the organization can acquire a top draft pick, what choice does management have anymore?

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