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Watch For The Cleveland Cavaliers To Be Involved In A Multiple Team Trade

David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers could be involved in a multiple team trade soon.

The Cavaliers want to pick up draft picks in any trades, and they have plenty of players with expiring contracts that would work well in a multiple team deal.

Players such as Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, Omri Casspi, Luke Walton and Wayne Ellington all have expiring contracts and all could make sense in trades, especially if teams need to add players to their deals in order to make the financial numbers work.

Moving Casspi, for example, would be great for the Cavaliers. Casspi reportedly wants out of Cleveland, and he has already been pretty much moved out of the Cavaliers’ main rotation. He has size and talent, and he is a pretty good shooter. He may be able to be a contributor off of the bench for another team, and his contract probably looks attractive to teams trying to create cap space for next summer.

Gibson and Walton also would make sense to move, but many fans would like to see them stay in Cleveland. Both are smart veterans who have played on championship contenders in the past. Neither player has great stats, but they both could help a contender. Gibson and Walton are expendable to the Cavaliers now that the team has added some depth, although they both are helping the team’s young players learn the NBA game.

Ellington also makes some sense to trade, but it would probably be best for the Cavaliers to keep him. The guard is playing a huge role for the Cavaliers since he came to Cleveland in the trade with the Memphis Grizzlies. His outside shooting and solid all-around play has helped make the Cavaliers’ second unit much better and has been key to several victories.

Contending teams may want Ellington and he could help them, but the smart move would be to keep Ellington in Cleveland unless the Cavaliers receive a great offer in return.

The Cavaliers are rumored to be talking with the Brooklyn Nets about a potential multiple team trade, and it’s likely that Cleveland will be talking to other teams, too. Another trade or two could really help the Cavaliers this year and in the future. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, management is able to come up with.