Atlanta Hawks Should Make Plenty Of Moves At The Trade Deadline

By Riley Schmitt
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks look like a team that is trapped in no man’s land. The team is good enough to make the playoffs but no one thinks that the team can contend for a title this year. However, this gives them a lot of power for Thursday’s trade deadline. They have plenty of pieces to move and I think they need to go all-in on a rebuild.

The first move the team should make is finding a taker for Josh Smith.  The team will not commit to giving him a long-term contract, which is smart.  You never know which version of Smith is going to show up and if you can get some young assets and picks for him, all the better.  Attaching your team to Smith could end up putting the Hawks right back into the middle of mediocrity.  Good enough to win, not good enough to contend.

The next move they need to make involves Kyle Korver.  Korver has been a great asset for the team this year, but they have a young guy in John Jenkins who needs more minutes.  While Korver’s shooting is great, the team should be able to pick up a young player or a first round pick for him.  This means the team can develop Jenkins more and they are building for the future.  Nothing wrong with that.

It might hard for fans to see the team start unloading assets while they are in the playoff hunt but it is a short-term loss for a long-term gain.  If you want the Hawks to contend for a title, sacrificing this season is a small price to pay.

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