Celebrating a Legend: Michael Jordan Turning 50

By Josiah Turner
Michael Jordan
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On February 17th we will celebrate the birthday of the greatest sports figure known to man, Michael Jordan.

I’m sure you’ve been hearing since February 1st that MJ’s 50th birthday is nearing, SportsCenter has seemed to have some type of special documentary on him daily. Don’t get me wrong, it has been enjoyable. I really appreciate the fact that I once witnessed Jordan play the game of basketball. It was nothing short of greatness. So in case you didn’t have the luxury of watching the legend play, believe me when I say, he is the greatest basketball player this Earth has seen. SportsCenter has really teased me, causing me to miss those days when Jordan would take over a court.

The NBA hasn’t been quite the same since MJ called it quits. In a few areas the game has flourished, like in the athleticism category and maybe even in the talent level. However, on the opposite side of things, it has lost some of the tenacity the game once offered. I truly believe MJ is a huge reason why the game was played that way.

His tenure with the Chicago Bulls (1984-1998) had greatness written all over it. For his career as a Bull he averaged 31.5 points per game, 6.3 rebounds, and 5.4 assists. In the playoffs he averaged 33.4 points. That is proof that he elevated his game when it mattered most. When facing the most pressure, and with all odds against him, Jordan consistently found a way to wow the world. He would never let fans down, and he would definitely never let his teammates down. He is easily the most dependable player there’s ever been.

He hit clutch shot after clutch shot during his career. After a while, it was expected that Jordan would hit the game winner when his team was down.

The entire arena, including myself, would know he is about to get the ball, he would, and he’d score.” – David Stern

He had a NBA career that includes a multitude of accolades. He earned six NBA championship rings, five MVP awards, 10 scoring titles, 14 All-Star selections, two-time slam dunk champ, two Olympic gold medals, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009. There wasn’t an award that he didn’t receive. Even at 50 years of age, his sneakers are constantly top-sellers. There aren’t too many athletes that can say that.

So even though he is celebrated daily, let’s wish a happy birthday to arguably the greatest athlete to ever play in the NBA, to ever play any sport for that matter – Michael Jeffrey Jordan.


Josiah Turner


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