It's Time For The Memphis Grizzlies To Change Their Name

By Horran Cameron
Spruce Derden USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who do not know, the Memphis Grizzlies were formerly the Vancouver Grizzlies. I remember when they had solid teams with Mike Bibby, Pau Gasol and Shareef Abdul-Rahim. When the franchise moved to the bible belt, they decided to keep the mascot. Why? I have no idea, because the name does not fit.

Let’s review what Memphis is known for. This will allow us to pick a better name suited for this franchise. Memphis is known for having Elvis Presley’s Graceland. I know what you’re thinking – the Memphis Blue Suede Shoes or the Memphis Jailhouse Rock. No, I don’t think so. Although these names are bad, Memphis does has a Rock N’ Roll Museum, as well. I could see the Memphis Rock or the Memphis Rock N’ Roll. Think about it. We already have the Utah Jazz in the league. A music-inspired mascot seems like the best theme, in my opinion.

Located in Memphis is the Stax American Soul Museum. For the people who are not musically inclined, Stax was a well-known record label from the 1960’s that had countless hit songs from the likes of Otis Redding, the Dramatics, Isaac Hayes, Little Milton, the Emotions, Johnnie Taylor, the Goodees, Wilson Pickett and Black Nasty (I don’t who this is, but I had to include them just for kicks). Some good names to commemorate all of these great soul artists would the Memphis Soul, the Memphis Soul Men, the Memphis Crooners or how about this one, the Memphis Black Nasty. The Memphis Black Nasty could have a heck of a marketing campaign.

Memphis is also home to the Memphis Railroad and Trolley Museum. The first name that comes to mind is the Memphis Locomotion. Another one could be the Memphis Trainwreck or the Memphis Trolleys.

Even if you disagree with all of the names I came up with, we can agree that these are better than the Pelicans, which will be the new mascot for the New Orleans Hornets. After brainstorming about this topic, my top three choices are the Memphis Soul, the Memphis Rock and of course, the Memphis Black Nasty. Message to the front office for the Memphis Grizzlies: let’s make it happen!

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