New York Knicks Look Horrible, So Does Carmelo Anthony

By John Raffel
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When Carmelo Anthony is cold, so are the New York Knicks.

Anthony shot a horrible 5-of-24 from the floor and 1-of-4 from the free-throw line while netting just 12 points Thursday night at Madison Square Garden.

Small wonder, with that in mind, that the Knicks lost 92-88 to the Toronto Raptors.

J.R. Smith blamed the Knicks loss on the lack of communication and not being aggressive and excited to play, not just in this game but in the past several. It’s not the same old Knicks that was the toast of the NBA earlier in the season, that’s for sure.

Anthony blamed his arm problems on a contusion, saying it was like a dead arm and he tried to get some feeling back. It bothered him early in the game and for the rest of the way.

He definitely was not the Anthony of old. The Knicks will never win when Anthony is shooting 5-of-24.

NY coach Mike Woodson was bothered by a few things, including his team’s ineffective defense, but the offense was awful as well.

The Knicks also showed a lack of composure; Kyle Lowery was whistled for two technicals and ejected while Tyson Chandler, Anthony and Raymond Felton also were whistled for technicals.

The Knicks have lost three of their last four and now maybe as good a time as any to regroup. Losing at home is never good because it shakes a team’s feeling of invincibility there, especially when they play at home.

Anyone who thought the Knicks were a lock to be in the NBA Finals should take another look.

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