Paul Pierce, Legend for Boston.

By Jared Hughes


Just how good is The Truth?  Paul Pierce has been so consistent throughout the years.  He may have not been a part of a winning ball club for his entire career but he is definitely a winner.  Being one of the best players on the best organization in basketball is a huge deal.  You may think it’s not a big deal but really, give an insight to the type of legacy being discussed here.  The legacy, the winning nature, the culture, the players, the loyalty, there is only one other grouping that can compare and that’s the Los Angeles Lakers.

No player in Boston Celtics history has generated points in the many ways that Pierce does, not even Larry Bird.  Paul Pierce has made a name for himself.  Even today at the age of 35, he is still one of the more prolific scorers with a specialty of giving his opponents hell on the offensive end and coming up big in clutch moments. At the end of ball games, I can’t think of many players I would rather give the ball to.

Some of his more defining moments would include head-to-head matchups with players such Allen Iverson, Vince Carter, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony.  No matter who the competitor was, Pierce always brought his A game.  Step back jumpers, raining three-pointers with multiple defenders around, back to back spin moves, pump fakes, the ability to score in bunches, getting to the free throw line, slashing, flying over defenders with his underrated athleticism, forcing the issue, regardless the way with his arsenal of moves, Pierce gave it to defenders anyway he wanted.

Throughout his career, Pierce has approached each of his opponents with supreme confidence and composure.  His confidence on and off the court is unmatched.  It has led him to being one of the most respected future Hall of Famers of his time.  Even with all of the hardship he’s had with the Celtics, he still didn’t want to leave.  He knows and understands that TD Garden is his home and he has to live up to the standards of being a Boston Celtic.

To be a Boston Celtic, well one of the greats of the Boston Celtics to say the least, you have to present extreme loyalty and faith.  He kept his faith and knew help would soon come.  Never being a part of a championship core, the year Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen arrived, Pierce felt new to the NBA.  Bringing the championship trophy back home along with Finals MVP was like a dream come true for the star; Pierce knew it would happen.

With the new additions of Garnett and Allen along with the emergence of Rajon Rondo, Pierce sought maturity to his game.  He began focusing on defense and was appointed to attempt guarding the other team’s best wingman.   A few years later and a few years older, Pierce is still looked upon to score at will and be the man, especially with Rajon Rondo’s absence and Ray Allen being with the Miami Heat.  Not making the All-Star team for the first time in years, Pierce is playing unbelievable and is giving Danny Ainge a headache.  He can’t decide for sure if he wants to trade Pierce or not.

Seems as if every time Pierce ends up on the trade block, he performs as if he is 26 again.  Coming off a win with 27 points, 14 rebounds, 14 assist days ago against the Denver Nuggets, you have to admit Pierce is still The Truth and that is not a lie.  Pierce’s outstanding gameplay and loyalty as a Celtic should have his jersey retired, and an easy entry into the Hall of Fame.  Respect.

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