Roster Diversity Issues With the Denver Nuggets

By Jared Hughes
John Leyba – Denver Post

If your vision for the NBA is vast, you have probably noticed problems with the diversity of a team’s roster.  A lot of the teams in the NBA have too many players with similar playing styles.  Sometimes that may work but then again, it may present a problem.  I believe that may present a problem with the Denver Nuggets.  Not to take away from their success as a team but they have a few guys that have similar game play and they are all at the same level.

Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Andre Igudola and Corey Brewer, different but all similar in some ways.  Although Danilo Gallinari isn’t near the defender these other guys are, they all offer similar duties on the offensive end.  The Nuggets having all of these players on their roster can be beneficial but could also present a problem.  None of these guys are much of game changers this early in their career to say the least.  So when there is a substitution, it may occur no difference in game play.

No matter which of these wing men are in the game at the time, Denver is still going to push the ball and play an uptempo style.   With all of these players near matching in game play level, who gets the minutes?  If all are hot, who gets the ball at the end of the game?  Who can we even call the man on this team?  If you have an answer for that is it opinionated or factual information?

Let’s say players on this team weren’t so similar, we might see a player like Danilo Gallinari develop into the star he believes he can be.  “Roster Diversity” is what I like to call it.  This may be why Wilson Chandler is hinting at wanting to be traded.  At the wingmen position for the Denver Nuggets it is pretty tough to really stand out as a player.  This is the reason no player on the Nuggets made the All-Star team.  All of their wingmen are similar in game play and we can’t particularly point out who “The Man” of this team is just yet.  They have Andre Igudola who is a solid player but they also have Corey Brewer that can offer the same talents say he develops.  This roster is cluttered and something needs to happen.  Maybe it is time for Wilson Chandler to be traded.  Shaping a diverse roster is crucial when trying to be a big time ball club.

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