Top 10 Three Point Contest Performances

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The 10 Greatest Three Point Contest Performances

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The All-Star weekend is upon us, and the festivities are almost underway. The weekend will feature entertainment for basketball fans all around the world, with events such as the Slam Dunk Contest, the Skills Challenge and of course the 3 Point Contest.

In 1986, the first ever 3 Point Shootout was held during the All-Star break in Dallas. Larry Bird established his dominance early in the inaugural contest, and continued to deliver for two more years.

Ever since then, the contest has become one of the most exciting events of the weekend. There is something special about watching the best shooters in the league, trying to tackle the vigorous time pressure.

The rules are simple. You have 60 seconds to attempt 25 shots. Throughout the years we have seen some of the best shooters around the league crumble under the pressure, while others have embraced the challenge and shot with spectacular consistency.

Taking 25 shots in 60 seconds is easier said than done. Many terrific and hopeful shooters have entered the contest, only to leave with their heads down, following embarrassing performances.

The time limit does not only serve as a psychological factor in the competition, but also forces the participants to make adjustments. Not every shooter has a lightning quick release like Ray Allen, and some players are forced to completely change their habits.

As this year’s contestants are preparing to make history, let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the greatest performances of the 3 Point Shootout.

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Peja Stojakovic - 2003

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After Peja Stojakovic won the contest in 2002, he once again took down Wesley Person in an overtime victory in the final round, dropping a respectable 22 points.

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Steve Kerr - 1997

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Stever Kerr is mostly known for his big shot in the 1997 NBA finals, but he also won the 3 Point Contest the same year. Kerr only just managed to make it past the first round, but went on to top the defending champion Tim Legler in the following two rounds.

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Craig Hodges - 1990


In 1990, Craig Hodges essentially went head to head against Reggie Miller. After winning the first round with 20 points, Hodges was a point behind Miller in the semifinal round, only to come out victorious in the finals round with a closely contested 19-18 score.

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Mark Price - 1994

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Mark Price defended his 1993 title, by dominating the semifinal round with 21 points and turning on the heat in the final round by dropping 24 points.

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Larry Bird - 1986

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In the first ever 3 Point Shootout, Larry Bird set the tone for years to come. Craig Hodges was on top in the first round with 25 points, but after that it was all Bird, who became the first ever 3 Point Contest champion.

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Tim Legler - 1996


Dennis Scott was tight on Tim Legler’s heels throughout the competition, but Legler managed to win every round with scores of 23, 22 and 20.

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Jason Kapono - 2008

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The end result of the 2008 contest was never really in question, as Jason Kapono won the first round with a score of 20 and blew away Daniel Gibson and Dirk Nowitzki in the final round by scoring 25.

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Larry Bird - 1988

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Larry Bird’s victory in 1988 marked his third consecutive 3 Point Shootout title. After a slow start in the final round, Bird had to connect on his last three shots in order to win the competition, which, of course, he did.

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Craig Hodges - 1991

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Craig Hodges won every single round in the 1991 contest. What was most impressive about his performance was the fact that he hit 19 straight shots in the semifinal round until missing his first shot in the fourth rack.

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Jason Kapono 2007

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In 2007 Jason Kapono was extremely dominant in the contest. He scored 25 in the first and final rounds, but Jason Terry also finished with 25. This led to a finals tiebreaker, in which Kapono remained consistent, scoring 24 to Terry’s 19.