All-Star Weekend: Preparing for the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest

By Josiah Turner
Kenneth Faried Denver Nuggets
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images-Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

In it’s 63rd year of existence, NBA All-Star Weekend has arrived. It’s the most popular All-Star event in all of sports. Mainly due to the fact the NBA is the one sport that requires the most skill. Which leads to the intriguing skills competitions during All-Star Weekend.

The most entertaining competition of them all is the dunk contest. It is exciting, captivating, and one of the most compelling components to the game of basketball. With all of the athleticism NBA players have these days, it really increases the anticipation for the dunk contest.

This year’s participants include Indiana PacersGerald Green, New York KnicksJames White, Toronto Raptors Terrence Ross, Los Angeles ClippersEric Bledsoe, Utah Jazz’s Jeremy Evans (last year’s winner) and Denver NuggetsKenneth Faried. The format has changed this season, where the participants in each contest will be evenly separated between the Western and Eastern conference.

This may be the most exciting slam dunk contest we’ve had in quite some time. It hasn’t been as interesting as it once was, like during the Vince Carter/Jason Richardson/Nate Robinson days.

I believe Green should be the favorite, as he probably has the most bounce in all of basketball. He last won back in 2007, as his most memorable dunk was blowing out a candle that was on a cupcake at the rim. White was once in the McDonald’s high school dunk contest in 2001 and college dunk contest in 2006. He finished as runner-up each time. It’s inexplicable the type of hops rookie Terrence Ross has. The six-foot-one Bledsoe should be fun to watch, and Faried is just a human trampoline.

I look forward to this event, which airs tonight on TNT along with the three-point shootout and the skills challenge. Saturday night’s festivities always seem to be the perfect compliment to the All-Star game on Sunday.


Josiah Turner


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