Boston Celtics Discussing Kevin Garnett Trade With Los Angeles Clippers

By Riley Schmitt
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It has been speculated that Kevin Garnett could be on the trade block. However, the Boston Celtics have been on fire recently, so people have forgotten about a trade. The Celtics certainly haven’t and they have been talking about dealing the big man to the Los Angeles Clippers.

As you can tell from the tweet, the deal would center on Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan coming back to Boston.  That is a really good deal for the team as they would get a young guard and a very young center.  Both players are still developing and it would be great for a rebuild.  However, the main issue will revolve around Garnett.

He is armed with a no-trade clause and he is very happy in Boston.  It really comes down to what team he thinks can win a title.  He knows that his career is almost over and another ring would be a perfect end to it.  I personally think he has a better chance in LA but Garnett is fiercely loyal.  He may want to stick with Boston to the very end.

It will be interesting to see what Garnett ends up doing.  The trade deadline is just five days away and rumors are going to be flying.  He could be the biggest piece in play and he just might swing the league if he accepts a deal out West.

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