Boston Celtics Have To Be Cautious About How They Win

By bertdesalvo
Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics
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Yet another trade rumor surrounding the Boston Celtics and Rajon Rondo has surfaced.

This time the Los Angles Lakers are the team that the Celtics will deal him to for Dwight Howard. There are many reasons that the Rondo for Howard deal is a bad deal for the Celtics. Howard’s aloof attitude, poor free throw shooting, immaturity and recent back problems are just some of the baggage that the deal includes for the Celtics.

This is not a new experience for Rondo though. He has been the talk of trades for the past few years now, with nothing coming to fruition.

However, the Celtics are treading on thin ice with Rondo.

Obviously, the Celtics cannot control every single rumor that comes up. Some may have merit, others may not. Still the fact that they are constantly arising when it comes to Rondo must be unsettling for one of the NBA‘s best point guards.

Rondo has grown as a player in Boston from a facilitator during Boston’s 2008 championship run to a dynamic scorer/leader who has made the Celtics his team. Especially with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett’s careers coming to an end, the Celtics have become Rondo’s team.

Nevertheless, Rondo must be getting weary of the the trade talk chatter. Not only does he have to deal with these talks while he is injured, but he has to deal with analysts, radio talk shows and fans asking are the Celtics better without him because of their recent winning streak.

Celtics fans love that the team has won eight of its last nine games without Rondo, but the Celtics and their fans must be aware that Rondo is a sensitive player and all of this talk may put a wedge between him and the organization.

The Celtics want to win, they just do not show Rondo up in the process.

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