NBA Rumors: Trade for Kevin Garnett Not Good Idea for Los Angeles Clippers

By Cody Williams
DeAndre Jordan Chris Paul
Jayne Kamin-Oncea – USA Today Sports Images

With the Feb. 21 NBA Trade Deadline looming, one of the most high-profile potential deals that is circulating around the rumor-mill is a deal between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Boston Celtics that would exchange DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe for Kevin Garnett. Although that deal would steal headlines all over the country, it’s a terrible idea for the Clippers.

It’s hard to deny that Los Angeles would benefit this season by adding the veteran-leadership and the energy of Garnett. However, in the long-run that deal would come back to bite them.

For starters, they are basically foregoing a huge part of their future for one, maybe two, seasons of potential success. Jordan is a wonderful compliment to Blake Griffin’s game and has definitely improved in his short time in the league. Also, Bledsoe is a wonderful change-of-pace guard to Chris Paul and could be a solid replacement if Paul chooses to leave when he becomes a free agency.

On the contrary, Garnett is in his mid-30s and there is already speculation about his future in the NBA after this season. Why would the Clippers want to mortgage their future that has tons of promise and potential for a guy that may not be in the league next season?

It really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in regards to their future. It also doesn’t make sense considering the identity that the Clippers have created. They are a high-flying show right now that is wildly entertaining, as shown by the “Lob City” moniker. Adding Garnett and taking away two of their fastest-paced and high-flying guys would only take away from their appeal and their identity.

So really, this trade makes no sense for the Clippers. They are headed in the right direction as is and this move would only serve to set them back in the long run. For their sake and the sake of their historically tortured fan-base, let’s hope they have second thoughts about this deal.

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