Paul George has Chance to Showcase Indiana Pacers in NBA All-Star Game

By Cody Williams
Paul George Indiana Pacers
Howard Smith – USA Today Sports Images

This season, the Indiana Pacers have the third-best record in the NBA’s Eastern Conference and only trail the New York Knicks by a game and a half for second place in the conference. However, if you asked someone who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the NBA about them, they would have no idea that they were 32-21 and playing that well.

That’s because the Pacers don’t exactly play the most entertainment-friendly style of basketball so many viewers aren’t drawn to that. They play hard-nosed and energetic defense, ranking first in the league in points allowed per game and rebounds per game. However, if there’s one thing that people can get excited about regarding the Pacers, it’s definitely Paul George.

George is averaging 17.6 points, 7.8 rebounds, four assists and 1.8 steals for the season this year. He’s also only 22 years old and one of the best two-way players in the league already. George is also the only Pacers player playing in Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game.

Most people are really unaware of George’s ridiculous amount of talent because of the lack of exposure that Indiana gets. However, he has a chance to put his noteworthy skills and himself on display on Sunday, which will in-turn showcase what the Pacers have to offer this season. George has the ability to compete with the league’s best and he’s definitely about to show everyone that on Sunday.

George is one of the most promising players in the league, especially in the context of how many people realize that. But after he puts his talents on display Sunday, people will definitely know George’s name.

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