Top 30 Best NBA Personal Rivalries

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Larry Bird Vs. Earvin Magic Johnson

Larry Bird Earvin Magic Johnson
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Commissioner David Stern built the NBA on the back of players and their rivalries with other players within the league. Two of the greatest NBA players of all time also had the best rivalryl: Larry Bird and Earvin Magic Johnson. They hated each other and therefore so did their teams and their cities. The legends are now friends but the cities and the teams still fuel that hate not only in basketball but all sports. Some of today's rivalries are a lot tamer than of years past when it usually was settled with fists. Now its not only the players that fuel some of the hatred but its also their extended families or the cities they jilted. Let's look at some of the best rivalries in basketball today whether it be player versus player, player versus coach, or player versus entire city and so on. A rivalry has now grown to where a team or even the entire league calls a player a rival because of his dirty antics or dangerous play.

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Lebron James Miami Heat Vs. Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder

Lebron James Miami Heat Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder
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Lebron James and Kevin Durant have a rivalry not based on hatred but on a professional level. Their first meeting in the NBA finals last season is just a precursor of what's to come.

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Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics Vs. Ray Allen Miami Heat

Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics Ray Allen Miami Heat
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The judas as he is known in Boston, Miami Heat's Ray Allen doesn't get the love and support that he used to get from the Celtics Kevin Garnett.

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Lebron James Miami Heat Vs. The Entire Cleveland Cavaliers Franchise

Lebron James Miami Heat Cleveland Cavaliers
Jason Miller-USA TODAY Sports

When Lebron James took his talents to South Beach he also took the all of the hopes and aspirations of a city and franchise with him. They will never let him forget.

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Vince Carter Dallas Mavericks Vs. The Entire Toronto Raptors Franchise

Vince Carter Dallas Mavericks
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A long time ago, Dallas Mavericks Vince Carter could actually score at will when he was with the Toronto Raptors. Now he is hated in that city as much as any athlete can be. Whenever he shows up with whatever team he plays for its always Carter versus the Raptors.

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Chris Bosh Miami Heat Vs. The Entire Toronto Raptors Franchise

Chris Bosh Toronto Raptors
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Much the same can be said of Miami Heat's Chris Bosh who was once a star in Toronto. Now it's Bosh versus the Raptors and even Lebron James and Dwyane Wade are forgotten.

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Dwight Howard Los Angeles Lakers Vs. The Entire Orlando Magic Franchise

Dwight Howard Los Angeles Lakers Nikola Vucevic
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Another superstar who forced himself out of a city. For now until kingdom come, the Orlando Magic will always play a little tougher against the Los Angeles Lakers Dwight Howard

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Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics Vs. Jose Calderon Once Of The Toronto Raptors

Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics Dwane Casey Toronto Raptors
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Garnett might only have one friend on the Toronto Raptors in coach Dwane Casey. His set to with Jose Calderon will always make him personna non grata in Toronto and with the Spaniard.

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Brandon Jennings Milwaukee Bucks Vs Ricky Rubio Minnesota Timberwolves

Brandon Jennings Milwaukee Bucks
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Jennings played a year in Spain and started telling the world about how week Ricky Rubio was. Now whenever the Milwaukee Bucks play the Minnesota Timberwolves its duel between the two young point guards.

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Carlos Boozer Chicago Bulls Vs. The Entire Utah Jazz Franchise

Carlos Boozer Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Boozer seems to go where the money is. The Chicago Bulls forward is hated by fans of the Utah Jazz for abandoning them for the bright lights of the windy city. The Jazz always seem to bring their best when Boozer is the opposition.

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O.J. Mayo Dallas Mavericks Vs. Coach Lionel Hollins Memphis Grizzlies

OJ Mayo Lionel Hollins Memphis Grizzlies
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Lionel Hollins wasn't much found of O.J. Mayo when he coached him on the Memphis Grizzlies. Mayo made it clear he wanted out and got his wish. He is lighting it up with the Dallas Mavericks but always add some more spice when playing the Hollins coached team.

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George Shinn Vs. The Cities of New Orleans And Charlotte

George Shinn New Orleans Hornets Charlotte Hornets
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

George Shinn is unwanted in two cities. Charlotte forced him to move the franchise and New Orleans forced him to sell it. Shinn is not any one player's rival but the whole league's for his actions on and off the court.

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Michael Heisley Vs. The City Of Vancouver

Michael Heisley Vancouver Grizzlies
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Heisley, in the blue sweater, purchased the Vancouver Grizzlies with no intention of moving the team or so he said. The team left for greener pastures in Memphis and now he is hated in Vancouver as any player can be. Well maybe not as much as Steve Francis.

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Kyle Lowry Toronto Raptors Vs. Coach Kevin McHale Houston Rockets

Kyle Lowry Kevin McHale Houston Rockets
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Lowry didn't like the way Kevin McHale used him in Houston so he asked for a trade and got his wish. Lowry is now a Toronto Raptors player and will always step up his game when he sees McHale on the other sideline.

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Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs Vs. Brent Barry Television Analyst

Tony Parker Eva Longoria San Antonio Spurs
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Tony Parker was dating Eva Longoria. He slept with teammate Brent Barry's wife. Parker broker up with Longoria. Barry wasn't too pleased and now is a television personality who won't every bring up Parker's name.

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Jeremy Lin Houston Rockets Vs. The Entire New York Knicks Franchise

Jeremy Lin Houston Rockets Jason Kidd New York Knicks
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Lin became a sensation with the New York Knicks. He wanted more money, they didn't want to pay him so he moved on to the Houston Rockets. The Knicks think he was a little too full of himself and will continue to tell him every time they play against him.

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Dwyane Wade Miami Heat Vs. Ramon Sessions Charlotte Hornets

Dwyane Wade Miami Heat Ramon Sessions Charlotte Hornets
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade came in contact with Charlotte Bobcats Ramon Sessions groin area. Wade says it was an accident. Sessions doesn't believe it was. A rivalry is born.

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Kris Humphries Brooklyn Nets Vs. Kevin Garnett And Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics

Kris Humphries Brooklyn Nets Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Brooklyn Nets Kris Humphries tends to get under many people's skin, just ask the Kardashians. Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett don't think too much of Humphries. A hard foul led to pushing and shoving and now Garnett has someone else not to like.

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Zach Randolph Memphis Grizzlies Vs. Kendrick Perkins Oklahoma City Thunder

Zach Randolph Memphis Grizzlies Kendrick Perkins Oklahoma City Thunder
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Playoffs make rivalries. The Memphis Grizzlies and the Oklahoma City Thunder had a great one last season. The Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins hatred grew from there and continues this season.

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Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers Vs. DeMarcus Cousins Sacremento Kings

Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers DeMarcus Cousins Sacremento Kings
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento Kings DeMarcus Cousins called Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin an actor. One is jealous of the other and both will be scrapping for points on the low block in the Western conference for years to come.

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Dwight Howard Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Unemployed Coach Stan Van Gundy

Dwight Howard Stan Van Gundy Orlando Magic
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard didn't want to play with the Orlando Magic so he decided to tell tales and got coach Stan Van Gundy involved. Van Gundy denied the rumors but was eventually forced out of the job. Howard got his wish and moved on. I can't see any Van Gundy coaching Howard ever.

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Lebron James Miami Heat Vs. Out Of Work Delonte West

Lebron James Delonte West Cleveland Cavaliers
Jason Miller-USA TODAY Sports

One time Lebron James and Delonte West were the best of friends on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Then one slept with the other's Mother, allegedly. The story writes itself.

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Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Raja Bell Utah Jazz

KobeBryant Los Angeles Lakers Raja Bell Utah Jazz
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Raja Bell of the Utah Jazz has made a name for himself guarding Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. It's a love hate relationship with a lot of hateful words and punches thrown during games.

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Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks Vs. Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics

Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics agitator Kevin Garnett talked about cereals and New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony's girlfriend in the same sentence. Anthony got angry and took it to the bus after the game. What happens next is anyone's guess?

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Deron Williams Brooklyn Nets Vs. Retired Coach Jerry Sloan

Deron Williams Utah Jazz
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Sloan was once the legendary coach of the Utah Jazz. Then came Deron Williams and the two didn't see eye to eye. One had to go and it was Sloan. Then so did Williams and now the Jazz are the biggest losers.

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Gilbert Arenas Sort Of Playing In China Vs. Javaris Crittendon Up For Murder

Gilbert Arenas Washington Wizards
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Agent Zero Gilbert Arenas pointed a gun at teammate Javaris Crittendon's face. He was suspended, his career is basicially over. Crittendon is facing a murder charge. Who won that stand off?

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Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Shaquille O'Neal Television Comedian NBA Analyst

Kobe Bryant Vanessa Bryant Los Angeles Lakers
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers cheated on his wife Vanessa Bryant with a masseuse. The masseuse took Bryant to court. Bryant snitched and said hey everyone is cheating on their wives in the NBA even Shaquille O'Neal does it. Shaq and Kobe haven't been the same since.

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Kobe Bryant Vanessa Bryant Vs. Pau Gasol - All Of The Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant Pau Gasol Los Angeles Lakers
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

This time Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant snitches to his wife, Vanessa Bryant, that Pau Gasol is cheating on his girlfriend on the road with a Lakers cheerleader. Vanessa tells Gasol's girlfriend, they break up and Gasol is crying on the bench during a playoff series. The same series they get swept in.

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Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers Vs. The Rest Of The League

Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Sure Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers is a good point guard. Around the league he is also known as the dirtiest. From punching Julius Hodge in the groin in college to throwing dirty elbows in the pros Paul isn't much liked outside his own team.

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Kenyon Martin Once Of The Los Angeles Clippers Vs. The Rest Of The League

Kenyon Martin Los Angeles Clippers
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Kenyon Martin is still looking for work. His work is more of the physical type and his elbows and punches are well known in NBA circles. He would fit in well in the eighties with the Bad Boys of the Detroit Pistons.

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Reggie Evans Brooklyn Nets Vs. The Rest Of The League

Reggie Evans Brooklyn Nets
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Evans of the Brooklyn Nets is one of those guys you hate to play against but love on your team. He niggles at you, pushes you around and will do anything to get that loose ball. When he comes on the court the opposition's eyes light up waiting for him to do damage.