Utah Jazz’s Jeremy Evans Getting No Respect in Dunk Contest

By Cody Williams
Jeremy Evans Utah Jazz
Bob Donnan – USA Today Sports Images

Last year, the Utah Jazz sent Jeremy Evans to the 2012 Sprite NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Not to be disrespectful, but almost nobody knew who Evans was at the time.

But after unleashing an array of dunks, highlighted by jumping over teammate Gordon Hayward, catching two balls and dunking them both at the same time. It was honestly one of the best and most creative dunks in a long time. It was also nice not to see a dunk that was bogged down with unnecessary props and other shenanigans.

However, as we are nearing Saturday night’s 2013 dunk contest, Evans is actually the biggest underdog for the contest. This honestly has nothing to do with Evans and a lot more to do with the level of competition he has to face on Saturday.

Gerald Green, Terrence Ross, James White, Eric Bledsoe and Kenneth Faried all will be joining Evans in the contest. All five of those players are undoubtedly great dunkers with a ton of athleticism and leaping ability. However, that’s still not a reason for Evans to get the lack of respect that he currently is in the dunk contest.

Evans has only played in 24 games this season for the Jazz and has averaged only 5.4 minutes per game in the games that he has played. Given that, it can easily be inferred that the dunk contest is probably the highlight of his season as an individual. There’s a pretty good chance that he’s been practicing for this contest for a while.

There are some admirable competitors that will be facing off in the dunk contest against Evans. However, that doesn’t warrant the lack of love that Evans is getting. He’s still going to come out on Saturday night and put on a show.

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