Washington Wizards Would Benefit From Another Scorer

By Thomas Jones

For as good as the Washington Wizards have been playing lately there still seems to be something off about this team. Team morale has picked up. They are playing well on defense, keeping the last seven opponents under 100 points even in losses. What is missing with this Wizards team is a proven scorer. Too many nights they have suffered through long scoreless droughts resulting in comebacks by opponents or worse, losses.

Rookie Bradley Beal has shown that he is more than capable of going for 20 something points in a night. The problem is, he hasn’t shown that he can go for 20 something points every night. He is more of a “get his within the flow of the offense” type of player which is good but debilitating for this team. During them scoring droughts they miss a player who can carry the team offensively until others find their rhythm. They are missing that player that opponents have to watch because he could go for 40 on any given night. For all of the improving the Wizards have done, a dominant scorer is what they are missing the most.

The Wizards may be able to make it to the playoffs, when healthy, with their roster the way it is currently built in the future. If they plan on actually making a push for a championship eventually, they will need to add a dominant offensive player unless Beal develops into one in the next few seasons. Unfortunately for the Wizards they are in a situation where they have to depend on trades or the draft. I don’t see any big time free agents committing to this team until they show that they are serious about winning.

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