Alonzo Gee Would Be Cheap Depth for Boston Celtics

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Alonzo Gee is having another very solid season for the ball club, and is the type of guy Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge might take a hard look at leading up to this week’s trading deadline.

Once the deadline passes, the only ways to upgrade the team will be free agents and older veterans who are bought out from their teams. The Celtics did this during their championship season when they signed P.J. Brown.  Brown played a huge role for the team in the playoffs, and was one of the reasons they were able to hold off the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA Title.

It is no secret that the Celtics could be in the market for additional wing depth, and Gee would certainly fit the bill. He is not a star, but he has worked himself into a very solid player. It took him a while to find his niche as he played on three teams before finally going to Cleveland in 2010. The great thing about Gee is that you know he is going to put in the work. He was originally undrafted in 2009 out of Alabama, and has worked very hard to put himself in the position he is in today.

Cleveland won’t just give him away as they like what he brings to the table. He has started every game for the team this season and is averaging ten points per game. He is a rugged defender who will never take a play off. The Celtics could use a guy like Gee, but it remains unclear what the Cavaliers would want in return. Given their obsession with accumulating draft picks, you can bet they will try a first-round pick out of Ainge’s arsenal. That would be way too steep a price to pay.

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