Jordan Crawford Could Make Sense for Boston Celtics

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Instead of the Boston Celtics having a fire sale, which could still be a possibility, they surely will still be in the market to add pieces to the roster as well.  One name clearly available is Washington Wizards shooting guard Jordan Crawford.  The Wizards seem intent on moving Crawford, despite a career scoring average of 13 points per game in four seasons.  Only 24, he still has modest upside as his career progresses and reminds people of a poor man’s Jamal Crawford, no relation between the two.

Crawford knows how to score.  He is instant offense off the bench.  With John Wall and Bradley Beal starting to gel, the Wizards organization feels he is expendable as their back court is set for the foreseeable future.  The Celtics could do a lot worse than Crawford.  He would immediately step into Leandro Barbosa’s role as a scoring wing off the bench.  It is obviously no secret that the Celtics crave offense anyway that they can get it.  The cost of acquiring Crawford seems as if it could be very cheap.  It wouldn’t be shocking if they could acquire him for a second round pick.  If that was indeed the asking price, then it is clearly a no brainier for the Celtics organization.  The plus side as previously mentioned is that they are still getting a young player.  It isn’t like a few years ago when they were signing Sam Cassell and Stephon Marbury off the streets.

Jordan Crawford could be a nice fit for the Celtics and he would figure to be a guy GM Danny Ainge will take a serious look at leading up to this week’s trading deadline.


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