Kevin Durant Would Be Sensational For Oklahoma City Thunder In NBA Finals

By John Raffel
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant hopes to get the Miami Heat in a rematch for the NBA Finals for the Oklahoma City Thunder in June. If he does, Durant could present the franchise and the league with some of the best play he has ever delivered.

Prior to the NBA All-Star break in the 110-100 Thunder loss to the Heat, Durant played out of his mind, which is not surprising. He was facing the Heat and the Heat are going to bring out the best in Durant.

But the Heat better bring out the best of other Thunder players, who basically let Durant fend for himself.

Durant had a game high 40 points despite an awful 2-of-10 shooting clip in the first half but was more Durant like in the second half at 10-of-14.

Russell Westbrook added 26 points so it’s rather apparent other Thunder players must deliver when and if the two teams meet in the NBA Finals. Two-man performances don’t do the job in the NBA. It’s obviously a Heat strategy to Durant and Westbrook do their thing. The Heat held the Thunder bench to 16 points last week.

The spectacular performance by Durant would make a pure NBA fan hope for a Thunder-Heat rematch. Obviously, the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers and the various Eastern Conference contenders will have something to say about it. But having Durant vs. LeBron James would even create more excitement this time. If it happens that is.

Durant’s ready for the finals again. But the rest depends on his teammates.

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