Los Angeles Clippers Pondering Trade For Paul Millsap

By Thomas Jones

If the Los Angeles Clippers want to improve their team at the trade deadline, their most attractive player will be Eric Bledsoe. His value happens to be at it’s highest this season and it also happens to be a few teams that are in need of a lead guard. Trading Bledsoe now would be wise while he is still playing on his rookie deal but making the right trade for the Clippers is just as important.

The lastest rumor is Bledsoe to the Utah Jazz for free agent to be, Paul Millsap. ESPN’s Marc Stein has reported that the interest is mutual between both teams which is a rarity around the trade deadline. This could be a trade that actually works out for both teams if actually made. The Clippers would also have to add a few other pieces to make salaries match but more than likely none of their other key contributors.

The Jazz have been looking for a point guard since they traded away Deron Williams two years ago. This is currently a point guard driven league and they don’t want to miss out on the chance to get a young, exciting guard who also happens to have a few years of NBA experience under his belt. Trading for Bledsoe would also allieviate the Jazz of having to watch Millsap more than likely depart this summer with nothing to show for it.

A swap of Bledsoe for Millsap would also aid the Clippers. Once Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan go to the bench their front court play drops off tremendously. Millsap would also provide the Clippers with a big they can pair with Griffin at the end of games that Vinny Del Negro can trust to hit free throws. Make no mistake, the Clippers are aiming to win it all this year. There is no guarantee that Chris Paul will be in a Clipper uniform next season so any moves they make will be for today and not the future.

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