New York Knicks Need To Protect No. 2 Seed In Eastern Conference

By John Raffel
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Woodson should face reality: his New York Knicks aren’t likely to catch the Miami Heat for the NBA Eastern Conference regular title and No. 1 playoff seed.

The Knicks are four games back with 32 games left which isn’t an impossible feat by any stretch. But we’re talking about the Miami Heat and the Knicks have had their own struggles lately. They’re also hearing footsteps for the No. 2 spot with the Indiana Pacers and Brooklyn Nets not far behind. Woodson has a team that’s 19-8 at home so getting the homecourt advantage in the playoffs will be huge. But his team is also 13-10 on the road so the Knicks have shown that even if they play someone in the playoffs with the homecourt advantage, they can overcome the odds.

But, in reality, it’s best to have that homecourt advantage. If the Knicks can’t catch Miami, they should do everything they can to protect that No. 1 spot.

Woodson has the talent to do it. But they do have the Indiana Pacers breathing down their necks for that No. 2 seed and the Knicks have to go to Indiana on Wednesday.

When a coach has Carmelo Anthony leading the team in scoring at 28.6 points, Tyson Chandler on top in rebounds at 11.1 boards, Raymond Felton leading in assists at 6.7 per game and Jason Kidd tops in steals at 1.7,  he has the talent to get things done.

Woodson has been applauded so far in successfully using his talent, and rightfully so. But now’s not the time to slack off.

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