Boston Celtics Close To Signing Terrence Williams

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Terrence Williams
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics are reportedly close to sign ex-New Jersey Nets first-round pick Terrence Williams to a ten day contract.  He is a very talented player but is also somewhat of a head case, and that is the part that has really set him back. In his rookie year with the Nets, he played in 78 games mostly coming off the bench and averaged almost nine points and five rebounds per game.

He is primarily a small forward, but can contribute at the shooting guard position as well. His most recent impact was for the Sacramento Kings last season and he gave them solid production, averaging nearly the same numbers as he did in his first season in New Jersey.

If there were ever a guy to wipe the filth off of Williams, it is Celtics head coach Doc Rivers. He is almost like a miracle worker when it comes to being a true players coach. He knows how to relate to his guys, and he knows how to develop trust within any relationship. Williams would be one of the more troubled players he would have to deal with over his coaching career, but there is no doubting his ability to get through to his players.

If the deal is for a ten day contract, then there is no risk at all for the Celtics in this deal. If Williams mouths off or doesn’t contribute, then they can cut their losses and move on to the next guy. They certainly are not married to him by any means.

The Celtics figure to be a very busy organization over these next few days, and it looks as if they already have one acquisition under their belts.

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