David Lee Makes Little Impact in NBA All-Star Game

By Cody Williams
David Lee Warriors
Tom Szczerbowski – USA Today Sports Images

The Golden State Warriors only sent one player to Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game, and although many believe that Stephen Curry got snubbed by not being selected, David Lee was the only Warriors player that ended up getting to play.

Golden State would have probably liked for Lee to submit a dominant performance. Not only would the recognition have been nice, but it would have also given the Warriors a positive place to jump off from after losing their final five games before the All-Star Break. However, Lee was unable to deliver such a performance.

Lee finished the All-Star Game with only six points, two rebounds and only four shots taken. That’s less than ideal for a normal game, much less the high-octane, high-offense style of an All-Star Game.

However, the problem really didn’t have much to do with how Lee played. The bigger issue is the fact that Lee was only on the floor for a little over 13 minutes of the 48-minutes contest. That’s not exactly a whole lot of time to do work and announce your presence. So really, Western Conference All-Stars coach Gregg Popovich is to be blame for Lee’s lackluster performance more than Lee himself is.

No matter whose fault it is though, the Warriors have to be wishing that Lee could have seen the floor more and could have been able to put up a solid game. Now, they are about to begin the second half of their season with their five-game losing streak being their most dominant memory. Hopefully, they will be able to recover, and won’t have to blame Popovich for fueling their woes.

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