Kyrie Irving is a Superstar in the Making

By Thomas Duffy

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving will, one day, become the face of the NBA. The superstar. The headliner. One day, very soon, Irving will become the face of the league.

Irving, the first pick of the NBA draft two years ago, is just 20-years old and is already challenging Chris Paul, the All-Star Game MVP, for the title of the best point guard in basketball. And, after the dramatic departure of LeBron James, Irving has given life to a Cleveland Cavaliers team that is just desperate for someone to fulfill the hole that James left in their hearts.

In Irving, they have found their savior.

The reigning Rookie of the Year basically took over All-Star Weekend by winning the Three Point Contest, dropping 32 points in the Rising Stars Challenge, and then pouring in 15 points (in just 25 minutes) against the best players in the world in the All-Star Game.

“This weekend was just basically about earning everybody’s respect and getting a chance for people to see me that usually don’t see me,” Irving said. “We’re not nationally televised like some other teams. This weekend is to show my face and get everybody acclimated to my face in the league.”

The New Jersey native is lighting it up in Cleveland here in his sophomore season, giving the Cavs 23.5 PPG and dishing out 5.5 assists per night.

Irving is well on his way to stardom, and will very soon become one of the best players in all of basketball- just ask Cleveland’s former hero.

“He’s unbelievable,” James said about Irving. “He’ll be (among) the top two, top three best point guards in the league. He’s headed there already.” James went on to say, “He’s doing some great things right now. They should be excited about having him in Cleveland.”

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