Amid NBA trade rumors, the best move for the Dallas Mavericks is to do nothing

By Marian Hinton
Jerome Miron: USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA trade deadline quickly approaching, rumors are swirling around the league about which players could end up where. There is even some smoke surrounding the Dallas Mavericks and potential moves they could make before the Thursday deadline. If the Mavs are smart, however, they would simply do nothing.


Because unless they are somehow able to make some top-secret blockbuster trade that would bring one of the top players in the NBA to Dallas (which is highly unlikely), it wouldn’t do them any good and could likely end up hurting them in the long run.

The Mavericks are currently sitting outside of the postseason picture and six games below .500. At this point of the year, bringing in another player may improve the team slightly, but really, they’d likely lose in the first round to either the Oklahoma City Thunder or the San Antonio Spurs anyway. Any move they make could only make them marginally better, which unfortunately is still not very good.

Additionally, bringing in someone else could affect the Mavericks’ cap space, which will be needed during the off-season if Dallas hopes to bring in a top free agent this summer.

Sports fans aren’t exactly known for being a patient group of people and many want to see Mark Cuban do something–anything–to fix what has become a debacle of a season. However, Cuban would best serve his team, as well as the fan base, by doing nothing.  There is no need to make a trade just for the heck of it and that’s precisely what the Mavs would be doing by forcing a trade.

It may be frustrating for fans to watch, but with the way their team has been playing all season, it’s a safe bet that they could be in good position for a lottery pick in the NBA draft this spring. At this point, they would be better served to try their luck with a young, incoming super star that they could build the team around and see how free agency plays out this summer.

So unless Cuban has some miracle plan up his sleeve that will shock the NBA, which is unlikely, the Mavericks’ best move would be to make no move at all.

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