NBA Trade Rumors: Will The Chicago Bulls Be Active At The Trade Deadline?

By jason evans
Carlos Boozer Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

As we approach 48 hours until the NBA trade deadline, one of the teams that’s been heavily involved in trade rumors is the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have been without Derek Rose this entire season and have played well thanks to the coaching job by head coach Tom Thibedeau.

The team has never payed the luxury tax in back to back years, even though they are a big market team, and certainly don’t intend to now. This is why the oft-injured Richard Hamilton is popping up on trade rumors. Chicago owes a little over $3 million in luxury tax, so trading Hamilton and his $5 million salary would clearly help alleviate those concerns. Hamilton is averaging almost 11 points per game this season.

Then there’s the other trade rumor that won’t go away. Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson to the Toronto Raptors for Andrea Bargnani and John Lucas III. Boozer’s got 3 years at $15 million a year left on his deal and it would be basically a change of scenery trade for each team. Boozer is playing the best he’s played in a Bulls uniform so far this year and if they made the deal, their defense would suffer since Boozer is better than Bargnani at that end of the floor.

The Bulls are in contention thanks to great coaching and gritty play. Getting Rose back in the lineup would be better than any trade any other team makes at the deadline. If Rose is close to what he used to be, combining with what the Bulls are doing now, they are going to be a tough out come playoff time.

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