Phoenix Suns Wouldn’t Benefit from Josh Smith Trade

By Cody Williams
Josh Smith Phoenix Suns
Sam Sharpe – USA Today Sports Images

The Phoenix Suns have been a main player in the discussions regarding a trade with the Atlanta Hawks for forward Josh Smith. With the Feb. 21 NBA Trade Deadline only two days away, the trade rumors are rapidly flying around this week. However, the Suns should end their parts in the Smith trade talks.

Phoenix is an enticing team for the Hawks because of the assets they could offer. The Suns could send a package of two or three guys like Marcin Gortat, Jared Dudley, Kendall Marshall, Sebastian Telfair and Markieff Morris that would be valuable to Atlanta and would address some of their needs.

However, what does Smith offer the Suns? Sure, they would have a dominant forward for the final two months of this season. But after this year, he becomes an unrestricted free agent and would most likely bolt out of Phoenix.

Moreover, the two months that Smith would be with the Suns wouldn’t serve to do much other than earn Phoenix a lower draft pick. Right now, the Suns are at 17-36 and in last place of the Western Conference standings. That pretty much eliminates them from any kind of playoff contention and that’s something a two-month rental of Smith isn’t going to change.

Knowing that, Phoenix would most likely be better off riding out the rest of the season as-is than completing a deal to acquire Smith. That would secure them a high draft pick and they won’t have to mortgage their assets in the process.

Though getting a marketable player like Smith is enticing for Phoenix, they can’t go through with it if they are interested in their future. If they do trade for him, it probably won’t end up favorably for them.

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