Gregg Popovich Reportedly Got Into It With Dwight Howard At The All-Star Game

By Riley Schmitt
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The All-Star game is supposed to be a fun exhibition for the NBA players and the fans. However, the teams do attempt to try at some points during the game. In fact, a guy like Gregg Popovich will want his team to pay attention to him when he’s talking. Too bad he never had to deal with a guy like Dwight Howard before.

Stephen A. Smith on ESPN radio earlier and he claimed that Popovich was drawing up a play for Howard, but the big man had no interest in listening. This led to a typical Popovich meltdown where he screamed at the Los Angeles Lakers center. This may be a bit overblown, but it does show you the major issues that Howard has.

There is a reason that Kobe Bryant does not get along with his center and it deals with stuff like this.  Howard has no interest in taking things seriously and doing his best to help his team win a title.  He wants to do it all on his terms, which is going to be the downfall for a lot of teams.  Heck, the Lakers probably won’t even make the playoffs this year.  If Howard feels that the team is putting too much pressure on him, he’ll bolt in the off-season.

As I said earlier, this is probably going to end up being overblown, but it highlights some of the major issues with LA this year.  If they want to win, they need to be serious.  It doesn’t help when your center has no interest in doing that.

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