Houston Rockets Trade Marcus Morris To Phoenix Suns

By Riley Schmitt
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a very quiet NBA trade deadline. Not a lot of teams are dealing as the luxury tax has teams scared of adding salary. However, the first deal came in Wednesday night as the Houston Rockets ended up moving Marcus Morris to the Phoenix Suns.

On the surface, this deal is not exciting. Don’t worry, it’s the same way in reality. The Rockets had a glut of undersized power forwards, so Morris was the guy that was going to end up being moved. When you have a deadline that is moving this slow, a lot of us are going to be happy for any type of movement whatsoever.

On the plus side, this does reunite Morris with his twin brother, so I guess that is one thing to take away from this.

I am really hoping that we see more trades in the next 20 hours or so. The deadline is one of the most exciting times to be a basketball fan, but there has not be a lot movement. I guess we can blame the new CBA for that. No one wants to end up paying harsh luxury tax penalties because it costs way too much and it can cripple a team for the future.

This deal might just be the domino that we needed to get everything started. We will keep you updated on any trade that happens, so make you sure check back often to see the deals that ended up going down.

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