Phoenix Suns Need To Make Maximum Use Of Luis Scola's Talent

By John Raffel
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sport

Luis Scola came to the Phoenix Suns hoping to make the Suns a blazing force in the NBA‘s Western Conference. It has happened, at least not this year but Scola did deserves credit for putting up steady numbers. This is one player who rarely has an off night.

Not much can be said for many of his teammates who have been consistent and have not helped Scola much in his quest to to be a playoff contender. That’s not going to happen this year for a team that’s 17-36.

Scola was 7-of-11 and wound up with 15 points in the Suns last game prior to the All-Star break a 91-85 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

He’s at 12.8 points, 6.4 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game.

Those aren’t quite the numbers he had his previous seasons for the Houston Rockets, albeit the Rockets had a better team. But in his last three years with the Rockets, Scola was at 16.2, 18.3 and 15.5 points per game with shooting percentages at or slightly below 50 percent plus 8.6, 8.2, 6.5 rebounding averages. He usually averaged more than 30 minutes a game with Houston but those numbers are down to 27.4.

The Suns should be happy to have Scola―happy enough to find other talent to support him.

What’s disappointing for Scola is that he won’t be in the playoffs for a fourth straight season. He played well for the Rockets’ two playoff appearances when he was with the team. The postseason would usually bring out the best in him. Hopefully, the Suns are going to keep Scola, but they’ll eventually have to build a playoff team around him.

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