Washington Wizards Prepared To Do Whatever It Takes To Land Josh Smith

By Michael Terrill
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith is on several teams’ radars as the Feb.21 NBA trade deadline inches closer. Be prepared to see every deal imaginable come out of the woodwork. However, the Washington Wizards might actually be the team that takes the cake.

The Wizards have been in on the Smith sweepstakes since chatter started about his possible trade weeks ago, but no one really took them seriously. The reason being that a team that is 15-37 and ranked third last in the Eastern Conference standings should not want to trade for a player that will no doubt be signing with another team in free agency this summer. More importantly, Washington is prepared to give up everybody and the kitchen sink for the 27-year-old with the exception of John Wall, Bradley Beal and Nene.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Wizards will give the Hawks as many players as they want with the exception of their three best players. It is understandable why Washington would not want to give any of these guys up because then the team would certainly have no future. And it is even more understandable why the Hawks would reject this offer quicker than the Wizards came up with the silly deal.

Atlanta has so many better offers for Smith it is not even funny. There are several teams that are prepared to send All-Star-caliber guards and forwards their way for one in return and all the Wizards are willing to offer are players that are sinking the team to the bottom of the standings.

There is no question in my mind that Smith will be traded within the next few hours, but he will most certainly not be going to Washington– and both teams will be better off for it.

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