Denver Nuggets Should Have Traded Timofey Mozgov

By Cody Williams
Timofey Mozgov Denver Nuggets
Troy Babbitt – USA Today Sports Images

According to reports and quotes from Denver Nuggets general manager Masai Ujiri, there were multiple teams that were interested in trading with the Nuggets to get center Timofey Mozgov. However, Ujiri and the Nuggets decided not to pull the trigger on a deal so they could find out what kind of player Mozgov is.

But isn’t it pretty apparent what kind of player he is? Mozgov is in his third NBA season and is 26 years old. It feels pretty safe to say that his career averages of 4.1 points, 3.2 rebounds and 0.7 blocks per game in 12.7 minutes per contest is pretty close to his ceiling. He’s never going to be a dominant force because his skills are limited, even if he is a seven-footer.

To that point, why would the Nuggets keep him in the sense of their team make-up as well? Mozgov gives them three centers that are seven-footers, only he’s noticeably not as skilled or as productive as JaVale McGee or Kosta Koufos.

Mozgov isn’t even getting an opportunity to show any growth or promise, even if it is highly unlikely that he has much of either. For the season, he’s played in just 31 games and has averaged only 10 minutes per game in those contests. He still has failed to perform though, averaging just 2.9 points and 2.8 rebounds per game.

It’s still somewhat unclear why there would have been so much of a market for Mozgov leading up to the trade deadline considering that he has never proved anything in this league besides that he can get dunked on. However, if there really was a competitive market for him, the Nuggets should have opted to deal him and get a player or draft pick that they could actually use.

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