Ernie Grunfeld Strikes Again, Trades Jordan Crawford To Boston Celtics

By Thomas Jones
Geoff Burke – US PRESSWIRE

Just when you start to give Ernie Grunfeld a little bit of credit, he makes a trade that will have fans calling for his job, again.

The NBA trade deadline passed with J.J. Redick being the headliner of a pretty anti-climatic day. The Washington Wizards decided to make a move that was needed, getting Jordan Crawford off of the roster. The problem, they gave him away for nothing. There is no telling what kind of offers were actually on the table but the Wizards would have been better off holding on to Crawford until the offseason if their whole intent was to just save salary. Grunfeld traded Crawford to the Boston Celtics for Leandro Barbosa and Jason Collins. Barbosa tore his ACL recently (contract comes off of the books at end of season) and there was really no need for Collins on this roster.

If the Wizards were that desperate to have Crawford away from the team they could have simply given him the Andray Blatche treatment if no decent offers were made for his services. These are the types of deals that have you questioning Grunfeld’s direction. Obviously he wasn’t concerned about salary when he added Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza this summer.

Why not see if you can obtain an assets since you are unloading one?

A 2nd round pick would have been nice. Something. Anything else. Another questionable move made by Grunfeld, and people wonder why free agents don’t want to come to Washington. There seems to be a lack of direction. One would assume that top tier free agents have a lack of confidence in the Wizard front office to actually make moves that mattered instead of making a move to make a move.


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