Golden State Warriors Make Right Decision to Keep Klay Thompson

By Travis Chan
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past several days, Klay Thompson’s name was dangled in trade rumors for New Orleans Hornets shooting guard Eric Gordon. With the NBA trading deadline now officially over, the Golden State Warriors will hang on to Thompson for at least the foreseeable future.

The Warriors defeated the Phoenix Suns last night at Oracle Arena, ending their six-game losing streak. Ironically, it was also Klay Thompson Bobblehead Night. Despite all of the distractions surrounding the team and young shooter, Thompson was the game’s leading scorer with 28 points. Making his first six shots, including two 3-pointers, played a crucial role in helping his team get off to a fast start, and ultimately the win.

Thompson, only in his second season, is already developing into one of the league’s better shooters. Through 83 career games, the Washington State product shoots 40 percent from three while averaging 14.3 points per game. His rebounding and assists numbers have also seen slight improvement.

Gordon is a dynamic scorer when healthy. But that’s the issue. Since getting drafted in 2008 by the Los Angeles Clippers, Gordon has yet to play a full season. He only played in nine games last year, and this season, he has participated in 19 out of a possible 55 games. On the other hand, Thompson has yet to miss a game in his brief career. With Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut already having the “injury prone” label, the last thing the Warriors need is another member who fits that bill.

In addition to the health concerns, Thompson is four inches taller than Gordon. His length presents a positive element on defense in terms of contesting shots and getting in the way of passing lanes.

Gordon is a quality player who knows how to score, but he does not seem like an ideal match with Golden State’s roster. This rumored trade was probably just mere speculation, but had this move gone through, the Warriors would have set their franchise back.

Just by standing pat, the Warriors have done themselves a favor by not shipping away a key piece of their present and future.

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