NBA Trade Deadline Goes Out With A Whimper

By Riley Schmitt
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA trade deadline is one of the most exciting times in basketball. Everyone loves the deadline, and it is a great time to see dialogue about a bunch of different teams. However, 2013 had a lot of issues as not many deals were done and, the ones that were completed were a bit underwhelming.

There are couple reasons for that. First off, the two big deals happened well before the deadline. James Harden and Rudy Gay were both traded, but they were done before the deadline. That may have taken some luster out of the deadline.

However, the big reason involves the new CBA. A lot of teams are fearing the luxury tax, so the big moves that we were used to seeing never really materialized. Teams were frightened of adding long-term money so that meant deals were discussed, but the trigger was never pulled. That may have made for some boring deadline chatter, but it was probably smart for the teams.

J.J. Redick was the biggest name moved, and that should tell you a lot about what happened. There were very few moves to be made. That is not a knock on J.J., but it shows how teams were afraid of doing anything that could add long-term money.

If you look at the deals that were made on deadline day, you would be underwhelmed by the names. Jordan Crawford, Dexter Pittman, Eric Maynor and Sebastian Telfair don’t do a lot for the casual fan. There was a purpose for those deals, even if they don’t move the needle that much.

I expect the deals to pick up during the summer. There will be a lot of teams that are looking to make a move, so it might have all the excitement that this deadline lacked.

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