Oklahoma City Thunder Trade Eric Maynor To Portland Trail Blazers

By Riley Schmitt
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Maynor was one of my favorite players coming out of college, but injuries have hurt his potential in the pros. It appears the Oklahoma City Thunder have soured on him, as they are sending him to the Portland Trail Blazers for a trade exception.

This move works for both parties. OKC clears up time for Reggie Jackson to play, and the team is very high on him. If you weren’t going to use Maynor, you might as well try to get something for him. It may not be the greatest move in the world, but it does open some possibilities down the road –  that is what it is all about.

The Blazers pick up a decent backup guard to help their awful bench. Seriously, when I say awful, I mean awful. A guy like Maynor will certainly be a shot in the arm for a team that is surprising a lot people this year. Maynor should be the guy who backs up Damian Lillard. That will be a big boost for the team as they make a playoff push.

Once again, this is not a deal that is going to shake a ton of things up, but it helps both teams. That seems to be a theme of the deadline this year. There have not been any big moves yet, but instead, the little moves are going to win out.

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