Orlando Magic Trade J.J. Redick To Milwaukee Bucks

By Riley Schmitt
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

J.J. Redick has been involved in a ton of trade talks this year, and the Orlando Magic finally decided to pull the trigger on a deal. The team is sending the guard to the Milwaukee Bucks.

As you can see there, there are a lot of moving pieces in this deal. The Bucks dump some of their more expendable pieces and pick up a very good shooter for the stretch run. Redick will come off the bench for the team, but he should play some very valuable minutes for the team.

The Magic had no shot of retaining Redick in the off-season, so they did the smart thing to clear up some extra money and pick up a young piece or two. The team is in the midst of a heavy rebuild, so moving on from a guy like Redick was the right move. There was no point in keeping him there when they could get something for him.

This looks like the biggest deal of the deadline, and I can’t say that I am shocked. A lot of teams are scared by the luxury tax, so moves like this were hard to find. When you say that a J.J. Redick trade is the biggest one out there, you know that the moves aren’t coming in.

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