Phoenix Suns Trade Sebastian Telfair To Toronto Raptors

By Riley Schmitt
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Sebastian Telfair has never lived up to the hype he has had, but he has still managed to stick around the league. The Toronto Raptors will be his new team after the Phoenix Suns have agreed to ship him out.

This makes a lot of sense for Phoenix because they needed to free up time for Kendall Marshall. The rookie has shown some flashes of talent, so the team needs to see what they have on him. There was no point in keeping Bassy around to block him. With this move up north, he may see some more playing time.

In the scheme of things, this trade really doesn’t have an effect on either team in the long run. I don’t see Hamed Haddadi doing much in Phoenix unless the team decides to move on from Jermaine O’Neal. That could still happen, but it might not make a whole ton of sense in the long run.

The second rounder that Phoenix gets in this deal might be the biggest thing that comes out of this deal.  The Suns want to rebuild and getting picks is a good way to do that.  They might find a steal with that pick or they could package it to make a bigger move.  It may seem like a strange way of doing things, but this deadline hasn’t made a ton of sense this year.

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